There are many benefits of pre-cast concrete, including:


Pre-cast concrete provides efficiencies in terms of materials, construction, and operation.  It speeds up the construction process, shortening the programme of works.  A traditionally built 12 storey PRS project could take a minimum of 50 weeks on site, whilst the same project delivered using a pre-cast concrete solution would take 30 weeks.

The efficiencies don’t just end with the construction phase.  Pre-cast concrete is thermally very efficient, reducing the occupant’s energy usage, energy costs and carbon emissions.

In addition, the maintenance requirements of a pre-cast concrete solution are much less than a traditional build envelope.  A brick built PRS scheme would require linings in plasterboard which would require frequent lifecycle maintenance in comparison to a precast concrete inner wall that is essentially maintenance free throughout its 60 year design life.

A pre-cast concrete solution is a real sustainable solution.



We can deliver many different aesthetic looks using pre-cast concrete solutions.  It comes in almost any colour and finish.  It can be veneered or embedded with other materials.  A popular solution is to embed bricks onto the concrete, giving a brick-built finish.  In addition, windows can be set into the concrete.  As the brick-laying and window installation is done off-site, the programme is quicker and as these trades are not working at height on site, there are reduced health & safety risks.

Pre-cast concrete can also provide greater open spans by reducing the number of interior columns.  This provides increased flexibility in the use of the floor space, both now and looking to any future adaptations to the building.



Pre-cast concrete is a real resilient solution, providing protection from multiple hazards such as fire, severe storms, explosions, and even earthquakes. Pre-cast concrete does not contain any Volatile Organic Compounds or provide a food source for mould, resulting in a healthy indoor environment. It is also a great sound insulator and can help maintain more uniform indoor temperatures, thereby improving occupant comfort.


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